360 Immersive Experiences

VArtisans is a team of artists/programmers/cinematographers brought together to explore new ways of storytelling in 360 video.

Why 360 video?

What is 360 Video

Immersive videos, also known as 360 videos,  are video recordings of a real-world panorama, where the view in every direction is recorded at the same time.

How is 360 Video Created

360 videos are shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras.  Audio may be recorded in conventional stereo but will soon be captured with multiple microphones creating an audio field that changes as you move the view.

Where Can 360 Video Be Viewed

Youtube and Facebook have added support for 360 video and it can be embedded in any web page.  Mobile and desktop browsers are rapidly updating to support this new form of media.  360 videos can also be enjoyed with VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and more.